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Tempe, Arizona is a city in Maricopa County, originally named after the ‘Vale of Tempe’ a valley at the base of the famed Mount Oympus in Greece.  Located in the East Valley area of metropolitan Phoenix, Tempe is home to the main campus of Arizona State University.  The early indigenous peoples, the Hohokam, built canals that started agricultural growth in the region.  The Maricopa and Phoenix Railrod, built in 1887, linked the town to the growing national transportation system and Tempe became a major economic hub for agriculture.  The City of Tempe was officially incorporated in 1894.  Tempe is now a major hub for education and commerce, and is home to one of Arizona’s largest shopping malls, the Arizona Mills.

If you live in Tempe, AZ and you’ve been injured at work or in a work accident, have had a personal injury, been in an auto accident or a slip & fall accident, you need the best possible medical care, as well as an experienced attorney to protect your rights and potential compensation, and to assist you in navigating the complexities of all aspects of injury care.

Injury Hotline is Tempe, Arizona’s leading injury specialist company providing guidance and assistance for those with workplace injuries, car accident injuries or other personal injury needs.

We provide a convenient, no-cost comprehensive service to assist you through every aspect of getting the care you need to speed your recovery and ensure you get the best possible outcomes. 

Injury Hotline will begin immediately to help you understand your rights as an injured person in Arizona, and get you the medical care and legal assistance you need.  We are well equipped to help you in every aspect of dealing with your injuries and your recovery. Injury Hotline has the experience and resources to get you the right help and to assist you in navigating the entire process of getting the best medical care, legal assistance, dealing with claims and paperwork, and much more.


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